Thank you to the wonderful families and individuals that participated in Day of the Dozer!

A Letter From A Participant's Father 


"Day of the Dozer was a fun event to experience” 


On Aug. 25, I took my boys, ages 2 and 4, to Day of the Dozer at the McLean County Fairgrounds and I wanted to share what an exciting experience we had! There were at least a dozen or more pieces of big earth-moving and construction equipment for them to ride and see up-close what they were all about. There were state-of-the-art combines and tractors for them to climb up and sit in as well as 18-wheelers, a military Humvee, city bus, police cars, and a fire truck with the ladder fully extended. They had the time of their lives and absolutely loved it! 


It was very affordable for all that we got to do, only $5 each for the boys and adults were free. It was good to know that the money was helping the local Stay 4 Project. 

I want to thank the Stark Co., the Great Plains LIFE Foundation and everyone else involved in putting on an incredible event. This is really something special for the community that gives a lot of folks the rare chance to be up close to these types of machines, let alone having the kids ride and drive them. The experience really changes the conversations my family can have, especially when driving by a road construction site or a field during harvest time. We’ll never forget it! Thank you! 



                                                                                                        -Bill Reidy, Normal, IL

Be sure to check out our video for Day of the Dozer:

Pictures courtesy of Alex Beck

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